Thursday, July 5, 2012

My interesting encounter with a rabbit

Okay so, we got these two rabbits from this lady that my dad works with. They are pure breed lion head rabbits. One is supposedly really rare and not found in most places in  the United States. Anyway we got them out of their cage and placed them on our couch so that we could pet them and let them roam around a bit. Well then my brother starts poking it and talking loudly into the rabbits face and taunting it. The rabbit puts up with it ,but sooner than I know it starts to get irritated with us. I go to gently pet it on it's fur ,the next thing I know my flesh is beginning to hurt and then I see the rabbits sharp, pointy teeth biting into me. Well just let me say i'm not going to be petting that rabbit again any time soon!

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